In the Bundesliga Bayern Munich and Borussia painted the “Golden” match

В Бундеслиге "Бавария" и "Боруссия" расписали "золотой" матч

“Borussia” – “Bavaria”

In the framework of the 28th round of the Bundesliga in Dortmund held a key match in the fight for “Silver bowl” – Der Klassiker match between Borussia and Bayern.

Matches of these teams a good and principled in any case, even in the absence of spectators as it was this time on “Signal Iduna Park”.

Before the match running in the first place “Bavaria” ahead of “bees” on 4 points, ward and Lucien favr to save the intrigue in the championship had to win. In addition, the owners were eager to take revenge for the heavy defeat in the first leg (0:4). It did not happen.

Although the first goal Dortmund have already created at 31 seconds. Erling Holland broke up the attack in the midfield and he is her shot between the legs of Manuel Noyer. Would be a goal, but the goal line the ball was taken Jerome Boateng. 18 minutes later, a similar moment occurred at the gate “Borussia” and the line brought the ball Lukasz Piszczek.

Further, they showed superior speed (as much as was possible after quarantine) and tactically astute football.

After 20 minutes of playing time the players of “Bavaria” managed to equalize the game, and closer to the endgame of the half and regain the initiative.

The account was opened in the 43rd minute, midfielder of Joshua Kimaam, from the corner of the penalty area sent the parachute ball back to the goalkeeper the Novel Burke – 0:1.

В Бундеслиге "Бавария" и "Боруссия" расписали "золотой" матч

Partners congratulate Joshua Kimmich goal

In one breath, double-edged, with good geometry attacks have passed and the second 45 minutes of the match. However, the goal Kimmich was the only one in the match.

After the victory of the wards Hans-Dieter flick in Dortmund is unlikely someone will be able to throw Bayern off the throne on which they are already the 8th season in a row.