In the championship Mexico goalkeeper scored a goal kick from his own penalty area (video)

В чемпионате Мексики вратарь забил гол ударом со своей штрафной площади (видео)

The hero of the episode – Antonio Rodriguez

In the framework of the 19th round of the championship of Mexico “Guadalajara Chivas” at Estadio Akron took the club, closing the standings – “Veracruz”.

To the surprise of the hosts in the match had big problems against the underdog.

It should be noted that the first half ended in favor of the guests 0:1.

Only 88 minutes, “Guadalajara” for the first time in the match took the lead 2:1.

However, guests were not going to give up without a fight almost draw the match and on 90+4 minute of the entire team, including the goalkeeper, went to the drawing standard.

But the goalkeeper of “Chivas” Antonio Rodriguez successfully played on the output, and then blow from the hands from outside the own penalty area sent the ball over the empty goal of “Veracruz”.

The ball, taking 84 meters, flew in gate of the rival – 3:1.