In the coming years in Europe will be the world’s cheapest electric car

В ближайшие годы в Европе появится самый дешевый в мире электрокар

According to the CEO of Renault, Thierry Bollore, the long-anticipated affordable electric car could go on sale within the next 5 years for the shocking price of 10 thousand euros.

He said that the automaker is able to supply cheap electric car the Europeans, given the ten-year experience of creation of vehicles, such as Zoe begin.

“Not everyone can afford the low price of electric cars on the market today. All work on high end vehicles, but the key element is that we need to have an affordable electric mobility,” — said a top Manager at the Frankfurt motor show.

However, experts doubt the veracity of such statements. In the end, Volkswagen said the same thing about the new compact electric hatchback ID.3, but the price of this model in Germany will amount to 30 thousand euros, which is 3 times more expensive than the future budget of the electric car by Renault.

“Today we already do for our cars is quite modest volumes in absolute terms. Predicting what will happen in the market, we have a clear assessment that we can still make money with low-cost EV,” added Bollore.

The company in China already have something like that — we’re talking about City K-ZE, the electric version of the small crossover Kwid. The French automaker does not exclude the possibility of delivery of the electric crossover in Europe if it proves a hit in China.

So, Renault City K-ZE went on sale on Tuesday in the world’s largest electric car market with a starting price 61 800 yuan. Given that the European version of this model will require continued investment for homologation in the region, the base price of about $ 11 thousand dollars does not seem far-fetched.

Based on the platform CMF-A, Renault City K-ZE Chinese specifications include a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 26.8 kWh that powers the electric motor with a capacity of 44 HP and 125 Nm of torque. The model offers a claimed range of 271 km on a single charge.

If Renault really can offer an EV for 10 thousand euros in Europe, this model is definitely a game changer. It is still unknown whether the new European Renault EV to be offered under its main brand or Romanian brand Dacia.