In the Cup final of the Danish police with batons to punish the fans who do not observe social distance (video)

В финале Кубка Дании полиция дубинками наказала фанатов, не соблюдающих социальную дистанцию (видео)

Yesterday at Blue Water Arena in Esbjerg hosted the Cup final between the Danish “Aalborg” and “Sonderjyske”.

The match ended with a sensational victory “Sonderjyske” with the score 2:0. The club representing the town of Haderslev, with a population of only 21 million inhabitants, has won the first trophy in its history.

It is worth noting that the final match was marred by unconventional Denmark disobedience action fans.

First, the match was suspended for almost 15 minutes because of the non-fans on social distance.

The match was attended by 1750 spectators. The clubs have allocated 725 tickets, subject to the fans of social distancing, but a group of fans of “Aalborg” has not listened to the demands and grouped in one place.

In the end, at the 30th minute the match was suspended. First fans to sit in reserved seats tried members of the club, and later the police brought them from the stadium, applying aggressive methods including batons.

We will add that for the “Senerios” is Ukrainian Artem Doubek, however, in the final match, the striker did not play.