In the Dutch championship fans “Den Haag” gave to his colleagues from Feyenoord hail of plush toys (video)

В чемпионате Голландии фаны "Ден Хааг" устроили для своих коллег из "Фейеноорда" град из плюшевых игрушек (видео)

And on the field was a struggle

During the match 6-th round of the championship of the Netherlands between Feyenoord and ADO “Den Haag”, which was held in Rotterdam in the arena “De Cape”, in the stands there was a funny episode.

Suddenly from the second tier of the arena, which is occupied by the fans of the guests, poured a hail of plush toys.

Artificial natural phenomenon lasted about half a minute, and really liked how the fans and the players themselves.

Add that the match ended in hard-won victory of Feyenoord 3:2.

Recall that in the Dutch League playing ball with the paintings of Rembrandt.