In the Eastern United States without electricity and heat were 547 thousand customers (PHOTO)

Strong winds and torrential rains left Thursday without light and heat more than 547 thousand consumers in the United States. Hardest element affected States of Maine, Massachusetts, new Hampshire, Rhode island and Connecticut on the East coast. These data are presented on the portal leading the monitoring of the situation with energy supply of the country, reports TASS.
According to CNN, heavy rains with strong winds on Thursday and Friday will take place over a vast territory, with a population of about 63 million people.

The emergency management Agency of the man has informed on its website that the wind gusts which reach of 26.8 m/s, knocked down trees and cut power lines. “As of Thursday morning 215 thousand customers remained without power. A number of roads blocked by fallen trees and branches,” – said the Agency.

According, the number of consumers without electricity and heat in this state exceeds 221 thousand.

The wind speed of 40.2 m/s was on Thursday in Provincetown (Massachusetts). In this state de-energized approximately 225 thousand homes and businesses. In the town of Duxbury, located near Boston, canceled classes in all schools due to adverse weather conditions.
The wind gusts on mount Washington in new Hampshire exceeded 55,8 m/s. In this state de-energized more than 33 thousand homes and businesses.

According to the website FlightAware, which tracks the movement of aircraft, bad weather led Thursday to the cancellation of 75 flights and delay another 81 in Logan airport in Boston.

The national weather service issued a storm warning, which is relevant for 14 States of the country.