In the election is trump’s ‘chaos and violence’ illustrated with the Ukrainian Maidan

On the official website of the President of the United States Donald trump’s Facebook appeared a photo collage in support of the use of images of the Ukrainian clashes between the police and protesters in the Ukrainian Maidan in 2014. The collage was created by a group of “Evangelical Christians for Donald trump,” writes the BBC.

В предвыборной рекламе Трампа 'хаос и насилие' проиллюстрировали снимком украинского Майдана

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Facebook said bi-Bi-si, that will not be taken in respect of this ad, no action, and refused to give further comments. Bi-bi-si also asked for comments to the representatives of the electoral headquarters of the trump, but as yet no reply received.

Political advertising was published on the official page of trump. In the description it says that it is paid by a legal entity under the name of Donald Trump for President Inc. This is the official headquarters of Donald trump, via his website, anyone can make a donation to the presidential campaign of the incumbent President.

The collage consists of two parts. Left Donald trump talking with people in uniform in a calm atmosphere — photo signed “public security”. Right people beaten a police officer, under the photo caption “chaos and violence”.

The original ad can be seen on the Facebook Ads page.

В предвыборной рекламе Трампа 'хаос и насилие' проиллюстрировали снимком украинского Майдана

Photo: screenshot of Facebook Ads

The allusion to Black Lives Matter?

However, the picture on the right was not made in the USA, and the Ukraine during the revolution 2014. If you look on the sleeve of a policeman can be seen then the symbols of the internal troops of MIA of Ukraine, which is now disbanded.

Reverse search by image confirms that the photo was taken in Ukraine in February 2014. The also used on the page of Wikipedia about the events 2014 in Ukraine — and falls under the Creative Commons license, i.e. it can be used free of charge.

The author of the image, photographer Mstyslav Chernov has confirmed bi-Bi-si, that photo was taken in 2014 in Kiev. He did not comment on the use of photography campaign trump.

According to “UKRINFORM”, the picture first drew attention to the ex-Advisor to Hillary Clinton on international issues Jesse Lehr (Jesse Lehrich) on Twitter.

“A new election is the trump that warns of chaos and violence, depicts the attack on the police by protesters … Only this picture of the events in Kiev in 2014, when the Yanukovych thugs tried to end democratic uprising,” writes the American expert.

В предвыборной рекламе Трампа 'хаос и насилие' проиллюстрировали снимком украинского Майдана


The President of trump about 30 million “friends” on Facebook. This ad appeared on most of the audience living in Florida and in Texas, over 55 years of age.

President Donald trump has consistently criticized the protesters of the movement Black Lives Matter, which has periodically engaged in violent confrontation with the police. In early June, when the protests were in full swing, trump called the protesters criminals and urged the state governments to suppress the protests can more tightly.



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