In the English Premier League can allow players back on the pitch after replacing

В Английской Премьер-Лиге могут разрешить игрокам возвращаться на поле после замены

Many professionals expressed concerns about the health of players in case of resumption of the season. Indeed, in terms of pastiched from quarantine rastreadores of the body can affect a high rate of injuries.

Anticipating this situation, FIFA has offered this revolutionary movement to try to avoid the commands of such a scenario and allow them to hold two additional substitutions during the match, i.e., to bring their total number to five.

The maximum amount involved during the match players will remain equal to 14, which means clubs can make at least two back-substitutions, as in most team sports.

The first on this innovation responded to the English Premier League, reports The Sun.

The rule will be temporary until the end of this season because of the pandemic coronavirus have to finish in an accelerated format.