In the event of non-payment of property tax

Ukrainians in 2020 will again have to pay for the property. If the housing area more rules, the tax authorities will send a payment order.

Что будет в случае неуплаты налога на недвижимость

If the tax is not paid within 60 days, the Fiscal service will pay the fine, reported Today.

“If you defer tax payment for a month, you will have to pay an additional penalty of 10% of the amount of the tax debt . If you do not pay for more than a month, the penalty will be 20%,” – says lawyer Yuri Vovk.

If the landlord has not received a message tax, it is exempt from a penalty. The fact that the immovable property Registry has earned in 2011 and the old house could not get into it. That is, the attorney can just “not see” the house. However, in this case the tax is entitled to charge tax later. For example, if the sale of real estate it turns out that he not paid the tax, the tax may consist of tax for the last three years. If the person has received notice and has not paid the tax and have to pay a fine, says the lawyer.

The tax would send the bills to Ukrainians until July 1. The amount of tax fiscaliste will rely on data from the state register of property rights to real estate.