In the Federal election – a record number of candidates from the indigenous population (PHOTO)

На федеральных выборах – рекордное количество кандидатов из коренного населения (ФОТО)

The Assembly of first Nations stated that this year’s Federal election there is a record number of candidates from among the indigenous peoples.

In the report which will be published tomorrow, the national organization for the protection of the rights of indigenous peoples reported that at least 62 representative of the number of Indians, Metis, and Inuit participate in the presidential race.

In 2015, the indigenous were 54 candidates, and then was a record – 10 people passed in Parliament.

The Assembly also noted 63 priority districts of 338 in a country where the electorate from among the indigenous population can affect the outcome of the vote.

These include district conservative leader Andrew Shire and the Northern district of Saskatchewan, where there are nearly 23,000 eligible voters among indigenous peoples, and the place was won by 82 votes in 2015.

The Assembly noted the priority districts in which the voting representatives of indigenous peoples more than needed in 2015 to win.