In the first UFC fighter had coronavirus

В UFC первый боец переболел коронавирусом

Lyman Hood

American UFC fighter Lyman hood, representing the polpredy weight category admitted that in March he gave tested positive for the coronavirus, but is now fully healthy.

“About four weeks ago I woke up with a sense of weakness before the scheduled sparring. But the fight took place, after which it was difficult for me.

I found it very hard to breathe, and the body just broke. I knew I was not healthy, but went through it,” said 34-year-old fighter ESPN.

Being in a hospital bed, hood admits that, of course, was worried about his team, coaches and everyone with whom he spoke on the eve, until the moment when he tests it became clear on the infection.

“My girlfriend passed the test for the coronavirus, which showed a positive response. Immediately called friends and coaches, and talked about it.

At the moment I hardly thought of myself. I was worried about my friends and the rest of the environment. I decided to go to the isolation, and it helped.

Don’t want to do in everyday life. I was lucky enough to defeat this virus,” says hood.

Note that the Lyman performs on a professional level since 2005, known to participate in tournaments fighting organization Bellator MMA, owned a title of the champion of Bellator.