In the footsteps of Kylie Jenner: Travis Scott has turned a daughter Stormy in my little copy

Daughter Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s unique: first, she can transform into an exact copy of the mother, and the rapper can make the baby a real daddy’s girl.

По стопам Кайли Дженнер: Трэвис Скотт превратил дочку Сторми в свою маленькую копию

Sunday Travis has published in Instagram photo of her daughter. They have a Stormy new haircut. The girl has braided pigtails that are very similar to signature styling of Scott.

Dad’s hair

— has signed a snapshot of it. Also in the photo you will notice a small chain on the neck of the baby, bracelets and Astroworld t-shirt from his own collection Travis.

However, there were also those who loved the reincarnation Stormy. Some advised Scott to remember that he has a daughter and not a son. “Brother, come on. She is a girl. Dress her accordingly. Now have a son. The time has come,” said a fan in the comments.

Stormy is no stranger to become an exact copy of one of their parents. On Halloween Kylie Jenner made to daughter a mini version of her outfit at the Met Gala. And although Kylie and Travis are no longer together, my parents, apparently, like reincarnation.