In the forests of Honduras found the lost city of rare animals


В лесах Гондураса нашли затерянный город с редчайшими животными

In the rainforest La mosquitia in Honduras discovered a thriving ecosystem with hundreds of species of living beings.

Some of them were officially considered extinct, reports

A group of scientists spent three weeks in the ruins of an ancient settlement, known as the “Lost city of the monkey God” or the “White city”, and noticed there are hundreds of butterflies, bats and reptiles.

They also re – “discovered” three of a kind, which, according to official figures, left Honduras: bat South kopienas (Phylloderma stenops), pseudocoelom snake and beetle-steed.

Another 22 species were registered in this country before, among them the great green macaw and the unknown the science of ray-finned fish.

The scientists noted that the White city is one of the few areas of Central America where ecological and evolutionary processes remained untouched by human civilization.

All scientists have found 246 species of butterflies and moths, 30 species of bats and 57 species of amphibians and reptiles.

It is believed that the White city was built by a civilization that existed in Central America before the time of Columbus. Scientists have searched for the ruins of its pristine forest for several decades.

Now he is under the protection of the government, but may still suffer from illegal felling of trees.

Earlier it was reported that the Indian Church has supported populations of rare turtles, as they are considered a new incarnation of the God Vishnu, and helped return them to the wild.

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