In the German Limburg theft of the truck rammed the car at the traffic lights, it is recognized a terrorist attack (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

The German authorities regard as a terrorist act, the incident with the truck in the town of Limburg an der Lahn (Hessen). On 7 October a truck had crashed into standing at the traffic lights cars at the local train station. 8 people injured and the assailant, was damaged eight cars.

Initially it was reported that during the incident injured a total of 16 people, but later it became known that together with the suspect, who received minor injuries, nine people injured. Seven remain in hospital, the condition of one person is estimated as critical.

According to the TV channel ZDF, the alleged suspect came to Germany from Syria, he is 30. The investigation was taken by the Prosecutor’s office of Frankfurt am main.

According to the Frankfurter Neue Presse, the man stole the truck and intentionally sent it to the standing cars. In addition, the newspaper writes that the witnesses heard him several times pronounced “Allah”.

The police of West Hesse called on Twitter to “refrain from speculation” about possible motives of the attacker. “The suspect was arrested, our investigation continues,” – said the law enforcement agencies.

New year’s eve 50-year-old resident of the German city of Bottrop deliberately drove a car into a group of people celebrating the new year. First, at the entrance to the centre of Bottrop, the man tried to shoot down a passerby, but he managed to run back into the side and thus be saved. Then the criminal went on the Berlin square in the city centre, where many people celebrated the new year, and then crashed into a group of people. Among at least four of the wounded were migrants from Syria and Afghanistan.

After that, the motorist headed South to the hometown of Essen. There he again attempted to deliberately collide with a group of people standing at the bus stop, but nobody was hurt. Soon the police detained the driver, who reportedly “had a clear intent to kill foreigners” and during the arrest expressed xenophobic comments. Later it became known that his actions qualified as a terrorist act.