In the Gulf of Guinea pirates kidnapped three Russians and Ukrainians: the circumstances are being investigated

The pirates kidnapped three of the Russians with two vessels in the Gulf of Guinea. Two Russians abducted with exploration of the ship “this includes the djibloho”, standing at the roadstead in the port of Luba in Equatorial Guinea. This writes the “Voice of America”.

В Гвинейском заливе пираты похитили троих россиян и украинца: обстоятельства расследуются

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Around the same time pirates, having landed with motor boats, kidnapped two crew members from the cargo ship “Rio Mitong”, marching a few kilometers from the capital, Malabo, is one of the kidnapped Russians, one Ukrainian.

Fact attack research vessel is examined by the local police, said “RIA Novosti” the representative of the Russian Embassy in neighboring Equatorial Guinea Cameroon. The kidnapping of a Russian freighter at the Embassy confirmed the news Agency TASS and Ukrainian – pre-confirmed representatives of the foreign Ministry, the Agency “UKRINFORM”.

The Gulf of Guinea is one of the areas where recent years have seen the highest number of pirate attacks on cargo ships.

Attacked on the roads of exploration of the ship “this includes the djibloho” was built at the shipyard in Nikolayev in 1989 under the name “Sevmorgeologiya”.

“Rio Motor” went under the flag of Comoros, a vessel owned by a Belgian company.



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