In the Gulf of Guinea pirates seized 7 sailors from a supply vessel Warden (PHOTOS)

In the Gulf of Guinea near the coast of Equatorial Guinea, pirates attacked a supply vessel Warden and took hostage seven sailors, reports TASS with reference to AFP.

“Of the 15 members of the crew of eight were able to get indoors, others were abducted,” reads the statement of the Ministry of mines and hydrocarbons, Equatorial Guinea. According to reports, the crew of the vessel consisted of citizens of South Africa, Cameroon, the Philippines and Serbia.

The ship Warden was transferred to the American oil company ExxonMobil to hire oilfield service company Swire. Is the leadership of ExxonMobil warned the authorities of Equatorial Guinea about the incident on Wednesday the attack of pirates.

The Gulf of Guinea, stretching from Liberia to Cameroon, because of piracy in the last few years has become one of the most dangerous places for global shipping.