In the Gulf of Mexico tropical storm ‘Nestor’ is moving to Florida (PHOTOS)

В Мексиканском заливе тропический шторм 'Нестор' движется на Флориду (ФОТО)

In the Gulf of Mexico was formed tropical storm “Nestor”. It is 315 km South from the mouth of the Mississippi river and moving North-East at a speed of 35 km/h wind Speed is estimated at 95 km/h, Stormnews reports, citing the national center for U.S. monitoring hurricanes (NHC).

Warnings about tropical storm declared in the South-East of Louisiana, Alabama and Northwest Florida. In the coastal areas from waves and high tide times expected flooding of coastal areas. In addition, these States will be heavy rains. In some areas may fall more than 15 inches of rain.

According to forecasts, October 19, a tropical storm hits Northwest Florida, then continue through the States of Georgia, South and North Carolina and 20 October will be released into the Atlantic ocean.

This year the U.S. mainland reached three tropical cyclone – hurricane “Dorian”, tropical storm “Imelda” and “Barry”. The first two were included in the list of natural disasters US 2019, the damage from which more than a billion dollars.

Recall from hurricane “Dorian” last month suffered the Bahamas, the East coast USA and Atlantic Canada. Its victims in the United States were three people in Florida and North Carolina.

Tropical storm “Imelda” a few days filled with rain Southeast Texas. Here the flood victims were at least 5 people.

Tropical storm “Barry” fell in the middle of July in Louisiana. From him and his residues affected several States from the South to the North of the country to Illinois. It caused flooding but no casualties.

This month on the coastal areas in the North-Eastern and Eastern parts of the United States was influenced by tropical storm “Melissa”. High tides was flooded and settlements in the States of new Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina.