In the Internet appeared the video of the girl, shouting racist insults next to city hall Toronto (PHOTOS)


В сети появилось видео девушки, выкрикивающей расистские оскорбления рядом с мэрией Торонто (ФОТО)

Outrageous video demonstrating how some girl throws remarks of a racist nature and spits in one of the residents of Toronto today is flying on the Internet with the speed of a forest fire, causing widespread shock and outrage.

Rana Farhan (Farhan Rana) who works across the street from the city hall of Toronto, said that was walking in the square Nathan Phillips during lunch, when he came into conflict some stranger.

“Suddenly some kind of small woman screamed in my ear “Get out of my country” and other good wishes,” he wrote on Instagram ( – I walked past her, ignoring her comments”.

The girl, according to the Wound, beginning to chase him, and then he turned around and began to remove it.

In the video you can see a girl with a banner urging people to vote for leader of the Federal Conservative party and the possible Prime Minister Andrew Shire.

She continues to yell at the Wound, repeating several times that “this is a country of people” and that “nothing [mildly] you savages, here to do.”

The wound in disbelief laughing, and then completely angry angry lady reduces the distance. Having made this maneuver, she spits in it and finishes with a question: “are we Going to fight?”

“Get on… just home! Go home! – she shouts. Is a place for people, not for [racist expletive]”.

Shocking footage has spread like wildfire since then, as on Monday evening they were placed in Reddit (, and the majority of Internet users are outraged and condemn the behavior of women.

One Reddit user said that he saw “three policemen took away that girl,” which still spewed a sermon of hatred against Canadians of Chinese and African descent. Rana wrote on Instagram that the Toronto police “now has her in custody.”

Constable of the Toronto police David Hopkinson confirmed on Monday evening that the woman was taken into custody earlier in the day “for attacking people in the square Nathan Phillips”.

28-year-old Waist Davidson (Davidson Talya) was charged with assault and 3 counts of assault on peace officers.

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