In the Internet appeared the video of the woman in a fit of racism (PHOTOS)

В сети появилось видео женщины в припадке расизма    (ФОТО)

Another shocking video of how someone publicly offends people based on race, unfortunately, appeared this week, once again proving that Toronto is not the idyllic multicultural society to which we all aspire.

Sufyan Dani, who graduated from York University at the beginning of this year and still lives in the area, shot the video on Monday at about 8:30 in the morning, standing on one of the bus stops on campus.

“This woman pulls up, stops literally in the middle of the road and starts screaming at the bus stop,” says Dani, who at the time was heading to work.

“At first I thought she was yelling at someone on the former or something like that… But no, she just stood up, lowered the window and began racist incontinence, for no apparent reason”.

Video Dani seen as the woman shouts towards the bus stop, driving a beige car.

“You’re fucking disgusting,’ she shouts, sticking her head out the window. – Get out on… just from our country!”

Dani said that the woman also called the bewildered group were waiting for the bus “vile scum” and told them “to go home, you fucking Paki and Indians”.

Even when from the passing car honked her, so she does not head, the woman continued to scream. Only when Diani pulled out his phone and started filming, she finally left.

“I looked around, most of them are brown, and I saw that they are ashamed,” he said.

“The feeling when you did nothing wrong, but still feel guilty of something. The feeling that overcame so many challenges in life, but still have to deal with most such miserable people. I have some kind of internal breakdown happened.”

Dani shared a video ( on Reddit this morning, wanting to show others that racism is still a problem in Canada.

“I things to face every month – he told us about the incident. – Unconscious biases sit deep within our hearts, and we need to get rid of them, to be able to enjoy “ethnic diversity” at its best”.

“We have to accept the bitter truth about racism in Canada and how many of us still struggle every day to defend their right to be brown”.