In the kitchen with Marina Orsini: for the love of entertaining

In the kitchen with Marina Orsini: for the love of entertaining


In the kitchen with Marina, everyone wishes they were there. Whether it's because she hosts, on Radio-Canada, 5 chefs in my kitchen, or because of her new book Gourmande! published by Quebec America.

In the kitchen with Marina Orsini: for the love of entertaining

We would like to be there above all to have the chance to be welcomed into her home in her kitchen, to be among her friends, her relatives, the people she loves, because to cook, she says with passion is a true gesture of love.

His book Gourmande!is a great life story, bringing together memorable memories spread over several decades, numerous family photos, recipes and stories of sharing told with generosity and sincerity. 

Gourmet questionnaire 

In the morning, tea or coffee?

A coffee, it starts my day well. Sometimes I have a good latte, but a little later in the morning. When you get up, it's really coffee, it's like a little ritual, there's something very comforting, its warmth, its smell, a hug.

Croissant or oatmeal, fruit…?

I have to tell you a secret here, Thierry, if I could, I would have breakfast morning, noon and night (laugh) ! It really is my favorite meal, fruit, eggs any way, pancakes, French toast, yogurt with chia seeds, nuts, honey, berries…there are so many ways to eat well in the morning.

Sliced ​​bread or baguette?

Baguette most often, but also whole grain bread, multigrain, we are lucky to have beautiful bakeries in Quebec, so we take advantage of it.

Cheese or dessert?

If I really have to choose, I'll say dessert, but I also like cheese. But the memories of my family's desserts are very present in my life still. Tiramisu as a square with dates, here is a good example of this family duality, Italian and Quebec.

Meat or fish?

Even if my diet has changed For quite some time now, willingly switching from meat to fish, seafood, vegetables, legumes, vegetable proteins, I must admit that precisely, through my culinary family education, meat has occupied and still occupies a place of choice.

For fish, I love sea bass, cod, halibut, well-fried salmon, walleye… For meat, steak, a good filet mignon, guinea fowl, duck that must be brined before , so that the meat melts in your mouth.

With a steak, salad or fries?

Fries, but sometimes I'll take half -half. In fact, my heart will say fries and my head lettuce!

Vegetable or meat?

I realize that I am slowly but surely moving towards an increasingly plant-based diet, the variants are so numerous today, and the accessibility of products is so much greater, it allows me to make many discoveries. and the leaders of my show, who have become friends over time, give me a lot of good advice. There are plenty of good reasons to discover the plant-based diet, but a good steak is good too (laughs).

Caramel or chocolate?< /strong>

As a child, we did not eat that many desserts, but during my maternity, when gluttony took its place and I loved desserts, I said yes to all the desserts that were presented to me, a great happiness . Since then, I have remained really greedy and I do not deprive myself of anything. A good dessert with a mix of chocolate and caramel, that would be my choice.

Cake or cookies?

A strawberry shortcake, honestly, this is not beatable.

Beer or wine?

A blond beer, light, very cold, in a chilled glass on the edge of a lake on a quay, in summer, it's very pleasant.

Show me your kitchen accessory favorite and why did you choose it?

For the really practical side and because we will be using it a lot in the coming weeks and months, it's the Crock-Pot. I recovered two years ago during a trip with my son to Italy, my mother's dishes and my grandfather's manual mixer which is a bit of my favorite object that I keep as a collector's item, I'm very happy about it.

Do you have a little ritual when you prepare meals? Small glass of wine, background music, are you singing?

Loud music, a small glass of wine while I set my table, arrange the glasses, the dishes, I like it to be beautiful and warm.

Do you involve the guests in the preparation of the meal?

No, I like to receive them like in a restaurant, you can have a small bite and an aperitif around the counter, but then it happens in the dining room. On the other hand, I do not need to ask, but when the evening is over, it is not long before everyone gets up and takes action to put everything away, do the dishes and clean up. In no time at all, the house is tidied up. That's what family and friends are loves.

Do you have a favorite recipe that you make for your guests?

The recipes in my book, Gourmande!, trace this culinary universe well. But there is one essential thing in my house, whatever the situation, the event, the season, the people around the table, there will always, always be a very large dish that I place in the center of the table, a rice jasmine basmati. Sometimes I add herbs, sweet spices, small fresh herbs and seasonings, but it's my signature, at Marina Orsini, there's rice (laughs)! My son loves it too and I always want to make him happy.

Tell us that you have already served a completely failed dish… lolll

Rock-hard guinea fowl… It was an end-of-year holiday meal as well, a real disaster. Fortunately since then, I have been making it with great success, the guinea fowl, like the duck by the way, and my guests enjoy it.

What did your kitchen smell like when you were little?

Mom, it was her holiday lasagna, her pig's trotters stew, her famous Christmas turkey, the fruit ketchup. My aunt Marguerite, a marvelous cook, was the chicken cacciatore, the spaghettini with dried tomatoes, her tarte tatin. Ma Nana, veal blanquette, leg of lamb, stew. My cousin, Josée, bread with caraway, cooked tomatoes (candied). I have so many culinary memories, it is also for this reason that I wanted to write this book, to pay tribute to these women who spent a crazy time in the kitchen to continue to give love to those they love you and tell them every day: I love you. 

Address book 

Your favorite restaurants?

  • Mathieu Cloutier for the Kitchen Galerie
  • Chuck Hughes for the Pantry
  • Caroline Dumas for Bloomfield
  • Marc-André Royal for St-Urbain
  • Jérôme Ferrer for Europea
  • L'Express, for many happy memories, even for breakfast and many more…

Your favorite restaurants outside Montreal?

Arnaud Marchant for Chez Boulay bistro Boreal, Les Botanistes, plus vegetal, Le Bedeau, focused on wines.

Favorite culinary products?

Tomato, basil, garlic, onion, lemon, broths of vegetables or poultry.

Favorite restaurant dish?

Osso buco is incredibly good. I don't always have time to do it at home, so in the restaurant it's a great opportunity.

What can't you do without in the kitchen?

Eggs, always, always, always, with eggs, I could only eat that or almost.

A culinary favourite?

All the Asian, Middle Eastern grocery stores, exploring the shelves with the multitude of products that we do not know is a culinary journey in itself. I discover, I try and sincerely, I love doing this exercise. We are lucky here to have access to the culinary world.

A guilty treat?

The McCain cake to please my son, who loves it .

Your favorite style of cooking?

Italian, Quebecer, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern. Only tasty cuisines.