In “the leopard” is brewing a scandal: the President has launched a campaign to create a positive image and a negative for the team leaders

В "Барсе" зреет скандал: президент запустил кампанию по созданию себе позитивного имиджа и негативного – для лидеров команды

Bartomeu shakes hands with Messi

Manual “Barcelona” has hired a company I3 Ventures, to promote a certain image-building campaign, reports Marca.

While the company was tasked to create a positive image of the President of “Barcelona” Josep Bartomeu, as well as the principal leaders.

However, in relation to the leaders and veterans of bands like Gerard Pique and Lionel Messi and former legends of the club – for example, Xavi, Carles Puyol and former coach Josep Guardiola’s tasks were set exactly the opposite, namely, to correct the deterioration of their image.

In addition, the negativity exhibited main rivals Bartomeu in the upcoming elections of the President of Barca.

The club does not deny the fact of payment for creating a positive advancement, however, stated that they are not responsible for negative materials.

Recall that the FC Barcelona players were outraged, as the President of the club was negotiating for Neymar.