In the libraries of the universities of Toronto committed two acts of vandalism (PHOTOS)

В библиотеках университетов Торонто совершены два акта вандализма  (ФОТО)

Police are investigating in connection with incidents in the libraries of the two campuses of the University of Toronto, where the people who were there, someone threw feces and urine.

The police said the first incident which they are investigating, occurred on November 22, in the library of Robarts University of Toronto.

The second incident occurred on November 24 in the library of the University of York William Pearson Scott.

“Yesterday around 17:00 the unknown man entered the library Scott and placed an object, probably containing fecal matter, one of the students,” – said the representative of York University, Toronto CTV News on Monday.

“The security service of the University of York responded to the incident. We caught up with the victim, offering him support. We also are investigating the incident and working with police service Toronto”.

Authorities said that two police forces investigating the case are likely to work together due to the similar nature of the incidents.

Descriptions of suspects are not currently available.