In the libraries of the universities of Toronto has poured the feces (PHOTOS)

В библиотеках университетов Торонто на людей вылили фекалии (ФОТО)

Police are investigating two unrelated cases, when people inside the libraries of the campuses of the universities of Toronto threw feces.

The first incident occurred on November 22, in the Robarts library at the University of Toronto.

One student reported that she was in the library when a man appeared from nowhere with a bucket, smelling of urine and excrement.

She said he went to the guy who was sitting at the table, and turned over the bucket with the contents on his head.

“At first I didn’t smell, but then, suddenly, the smell struck,” says an eyewitness. “I thought I was going to faint or cry… my friends and I just grabbed things and ran out of the room.”

She said that I will never forget that smell.

The second incident took place in the library of the campus of the University of York on Sunday.

In the official statement of the representative of the University of York Yanni of Dagonas on Monday said that the incident occurred around 5 PM in the library Scott.

Dagonas said that an unknown man entered the library and “poured out a substance that, on suspicion, contained feces, the student”.

With the victim of the second incident, as stated in the University was contacted to provide support. And the University helps in the investigation of the police.

Police believe the cases may be related because of their similarity. No suspect description.