In the Lviv Derby gave birth to a beautiful anniversary number of the Ukrainian Premier League (video)

Во львовском дерби родилась красивая юбилейная цифра Украинской Премьер-лиги (видео)

In the match of the 11th round of the Ukrainian Premier League Karpaty “Lviv” painted world is not peaceful Lviv Derby – 0:0.

The match was full of dangerous moments, deletions and unrealized 11-meter.

The second penalty kick, performed at the 75th minute the player “Lviv”, the Brazilian Pernambuco was the anniversary of 500 m unrealised 11-meter in the framework of the matches of the Ukrainian Premier League.

From this figure – goalkeepers parried 353 penalty of 50 times the ball hit the post or crossbar and 97 – flew wide.

We add that the first penalty in the match, the Kiev appointed arbitrator Eugene Aranowski for 8 minutes, failed to be implemented – goalkeeper Bohdan sarnavskiy parried the blow Alex Gutsulyak.