In the match NHL hockey player made a brilliant assist skate “a La Messi” (video)

В матче НХЛ хоккеист сделал гениальный голевой пас коньком "а-ля Месси" (видео)

“Philadelphia Flyers”

In the match of the regular championship of NHL “Philadelphia” took “Washington” and made a comeback 5:2.

Especially good was the second goal “pilots”. Early in the second period when the score was 1:1 the forward of owners Derek Grant in front of the gate of the opponent suddenly gave superpac skate in a football style.

It is noteworthy that this transfer was already waiting partner Derek for the link Kevin Hayes, which was not difficult to make a goal.

After this victory, “Philadelphia” came close to “Washington” in the standings Eastern conference – Metropolitan team with 86 points occupies the third place, the Flyers are behind by 1 point.