In the match of the NHL goalkeeper made an incredible save in the style of shovkovskyi (video)

В матче НХЛ голкипер совершил невероятный сэйв в стиле Шовковского (видео)

Marc-Andre Fleury

In the match of the regular championship of NHL last finalist of the Cup Stanley club “Vegas Golden knights” to “T-mobile arena” in Paradise (Nevada) took one of the most renowned clubs in the League – “Toronto maple leafs”.

In the third period with the score 3:2 in favor of the hosts, there was an episode that affected the final outcome of the match.

The goalkeeper of “Vegas”, the namesake of the goalkeeper “Barcelona” Marc-Andre Ter Stegen – Fleury made a fantastic save, taken from the repertoire of football matches. It seemed that the puck definitely crossed the goal line, and even broadcast Directors hastened to change the subject. But Fleury did not agree. “How?” – surprise asks Twitter, “Vegas Golden knights”. To the rescue of his goalkeeper of the hockey team “Golden knights” reciprocated and after a few minutes scored the decisive goal, the match ended with a home win 4:2. Thanks soy for the second consecutive victory Vegas rose in the middle of the table in the Western conference standings with 25 points on 7-m a place.

But “Maple leaves” continued its free fall after the sixth defeat in a row Toronto has dropped to 10th place in the Eastern conference, with an asset of 22 points.