In the metro with Pitou

In the metro with Pitou


Starting October 15, dogs will be allowed in the métro under certain specific conditions. This is a 9-month STM pilot project. Here are some useful tips before taking the metro with Pitou.

Dogs in the metro? Several major European cities are already doing this! This is good news, because some dog owners do not have a car and have to travel with their animal, among other things, to go to the veterinarian. 

Not for all dogs

The metro is not for all dogs. It takes a socialized, balanced dog with a rather “zen” temperament for this kind of adventure. If your dog is fearful, easily stressed or if he can't stand seeing people and becomes aggressive or anxious, I think you can abstain from the start. It is first and foremost a question of well-being for your animal, but also, let's face it, for all citizens who travel by metro.

Get used to it little by little

No question of going on a real route the first few times! Your dog should gradually get used to the metro, because it's quite an adventure: the very strong call for air you feel when you open the door, the very dull noises of the carriages entering the station, the amount of crowds and the lack of space are all stimuli that could worry a dog. The dog should be able to adapt gradually, one small step at a time, with positive reinforcement. Do not hesitate to call on a dog trainer who can coach you. It takes planning.

The basket muzzle 

Dogs on the subway must wear a muzzle. It is imperative to use a basket type muzzle. This does not obstruct the opening of the mouth and lets the dog yawn or pant normally. It should also fit snugly to the conformation of the dog's face. You have to shop. Finally, we also have to teach our dog to wear a muzzle and that is not done by shouting scissors! Here too, you have to go gradually and with positive reinforcement. 

Safety and well-being

Your dog must be firmly on a leash at all times and it must be 1.25 meters or less. Avoid serious accidents by not letting your dog go down the escalators. Do not use a retractable leash or let your dog's head protrude beyond the orange line on the dock. Stay between your dog and other travelers as much as possible. If the wagons are full, wait for the next one.

Have everything you need

Make sure your dog can relieve himself before leaving. enter the subway. Make sure you have everything you need on hand to clean up and pick up, should a minor mishap nevertheless occur… Remember that you are responsible for your dog at all times.

STM conditions 

Your dog will be able to follow you on the metro, but not always and not everywhere! 

Visit the STM website entitled Traveling with a dog. You will find all the conditions, a capsule explaining the muzzle desensitization program and several answers to your questions. -adopt-in-public-transport/travel-with-an-animal