In the morning lasts the Israeli army operations against Palestinian groups in Gaza (PHOTO)

С утра длится операция армии Израиля против палестинских группировок в секторе Газа (ФОТО)

The defense Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett have introduced increased security measures in parts of the country, located in the 80 km zone from Gaza, reports TASS.

It is noted that these measures will affect major Israeli cities, including Jerusalem and tel Aviv. As explained by the portal, such steps can mean the exchange of blows between the army of the Jewish state and terrorists could be delayed for at least 48 hours.

The Israeli army operations against Palestinian groups in the Gaza strip has continued since the dawn of Tuesday. Earlier it became known that during the bombing by the Israeli air force was killed the commander of the armed wing of the “Islamic Jihad” – “Saray al-Quds” (“Jerusalem Squadron”) – a 42-year-old Bach Abu al-ATA. With him died his wife ASMA, another five people, including four children, were injured.

Islamic Jihad has promised a proportionate response to the murder of one of their leaders, announcing the mobilization of fighters. He was supported by other groups belonging to the so-called joint operational headquarters of the resistance in Gaza, saying that their response will be “painful”.

Islamists in the Palestinian authority supported Iran. In Tehran said that is considered a terrorist act and a war crime the murder of one of the commanders of the “Islamic Jihad”. This was stated by the official representative of Iranian foreign Ministry, Abbas Musawi.

Perpetrators of the murder “should be prosecuted in international courts as war criminals”, stressed the foreign Ministry of Iran.

These statements were followed by attacks on Israel. According to Israeli figures, from Gaza into the Jewish state it was released at least 190 rockets, dozens of them were intercepted by air defense system “Iron dome”, reports Ynet. In total, missile defense system shot down 90% of rockets that could cause damage or cause the death of Israeli citizens. More than half of the missiles fell in an open area, writes NEWSru Israel.

On Tuesday morning, air RAID sirens several times worked in tel Aviv and its satellite towns of Rishon-LeZion, bat Yam and Holon, as well as major cities Ashdod and Ashkelon in southern Israel and the Gaza areas of the Jewish state. According to Israeli public radio, “Kan”, one of many launched from Gaza rockets fell Tuesday in a house on the South of the country. Information about victims did not arrive, the building suffered damage.

Strikes continues to cause, and the Israeli army. The goal “positions of extremists in Gaza, including training camp and the underground storage of weapons and ammunition,” said the press service of the defense Army of Israel.

Four Palestinians killed, 25 injured during the attacks, reports the Palestinian news Agency “Maan”.

At the same time, by evening it became known that as a result of attacks and air caused by anxiety panic have suffered 46 Israelis. Two men aged 30 and 55 years old were injured by shrapnel.