In the mystical video clip The Hardkiss for the first time in the frame appeared the blood

Popular Ukrainian band the Hardkiss presented their first single of the forthcoming album, which will be released in 2021. –“Live” and immediately the clip on it. Note that in the new video the soloist Julia Sanin, who previously admired the perfect figure in a swimsuit appeared in a very unusual way by a vampire.

В мистическом клипе у The Hardkiss впервые в кадре появилась кровь

The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the group and this is a “dark” story about love, hatred and female rebirth.


“Every time I drove across the Havana bridge, the tower of the Elevator captured my imagination. Gothic images have filled my head, but I didn’t know, who is of Ukrainian artists could become the hero of these dark stories — says the Director of the video Mitti Misura. — Five years I lived with these pictures, until one night met with Julia and the Shaft. We immediately realized that it would be a vampire story. The story is a metaphor about a man and a woman, which captures the passion and makes such a threat. But she’s different, she seeks and finds warmth in itself. It is changing”.

Filming of the clip took place in late August at three locations in Kiev Racecourse,
Kievmlyn rusanovskaya embankment. The vision of the Director of the perfect vampire in the images embody Elena Bogdanova.

“In this work, for us it was a lot of things for the first time. For example, the black lenses for the whole eye to 20 hours filming. The blood in the frame from The Hardkiss also appeared for the first time. Know that someone story seem gloomy, but vampires without blood — it is certainly not our “movie”. We are so “overworked” with mysticism that at the end of filming — had an emergency. Pyrotechnics failed and I flared dress. But thank you, it’s okay, I’m Alive,” says Julia Sanina.

In a few hours the video received over 50 million views and many admiring comments from users of the network.

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