In the “Naftogaz” explained the increase in gas prices

Executive Director of the company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Yuriy Vitrenko called “retribution for incompetence and corruption” increase in gas prices for Ukrainian consumers.

В «Нафтогазе» объяснили повышение цены на газ

“If there was increased domestic production and increased level of efficiency, the price of gas does not increase, but decreased”, — he wrote on Saturday on the Facebook page. According to Vitrenko, in 2020, Ukraine could start exporting the fuel, which would reduce the market price of gas. “That’s how we pay for incompetence and corruption”, — concluded the Director of the company.

On Friday “Naftogaz” reported raising gas prices for the population in January 2020 by 28.59% to 5.5 thousand hryvnia per thousand cubic meters. m. the company noted that this price is 12% less than in January 2019.