In the Netherlands refugee, attacked with a knife on American tourists, got 26 years in prison (PHOTO)

В Нидерландах беженец, напавший с ножом на американских туристов, получил 26 лет тюрьмы (ФОТО)

A native of Afghanistan, who last year seriously wounded two tourists from the USA at the Central station of Amsterdam, was sentenced to 26 years and eight months in prison. The corresponding decision was made on Monday, district court of the Hague, reports TASS.

A refugee named Javed S. (his name is not called for security reasons. – Approx. TASS) was convicted of attempted murder for terrorist purposes and the threat to law enforcement officers. In the opinion of the judges, he came to the Netherlands from Germany, “to kill as many people as possible”. “There is a real threat of recurrence, and the duty of the court is to protect society,” said the court, in a most severe sentence.

31 August 2018 jawed S. attacked with a knife at the Central station of Amsterdam, on two people who turned out to come from the USA. To neutralize the attacker, the police had to use firearms, wounding him in the leg. While two law enforcement officers that the offender was threatened with a knife, received a psychological trauma, writes

Both victims of the tourist survived, but was seriously injured. According to the doctors, one of the Americans wounded in the back, likely to remain confined to a wheelchair for life.

The attacker himself informed the court explained his behavior by the desire to kill “unbelievers and cruel people.” He also said that his target was the Dutch, not the Americans.

In the process, the worker underwent a medical examination, the results of which he was not diagnosed with any mental disorders.

The decision of the court jawed S. also has to pay 2.6 million euros compensation to the victim remaining confined to a wheelchair. Another victim, who had a severed artery, be reimbursed in 38 thousand euros. In the absence of the ability to pay this amount the refugee will have to spend one more year in prison, which, however, does not cancel its obligations to victims.

Earlier Dutch Prosecutor’s office said that Javed was convinced that in the Netherlands “constantly insulting the prophet Muhammad, Allah, Quran and Islam”. Detainee among other things, mentioned the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, who announced the competition drawings of the prophet Muhammad.

The attack at the train station in Amsterdam was the first attack by a radical Islamist in the Netherlands for 14 years. The previous terrorist attack in the Netherlands made in 2004 a Muslim fanatic Mohamed Bouyeri. He stabbed 47-year-old filmmaker Theo van Gogh. After a shootout with police Bouyeri, who had dual citizenship with the Netherlands and Morocco, were captured. In 2005, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment.

Threats against Theo van Gogh on the part of the followers of Islam fell after he took a 10-minute film “Submission”, which tells about the sufferings of Muslim women who are subjected to corporal punishment and humiliation.