In the Netherlands students are put in the grave to die

В Нидерландах студентов кладут в могилы, чтобы принять смерть

With you under the ground are not allowed to take your phone or book as it would prevent thinking about death.

University of Nijmegen, St. Radboud Utrecht in the Netherlands dug up on the campus of “cleansing” the grave for students. In it students of the University are invited to relax and think about death.

Open grave located in the garden behind the student’s Church: her bottom views of the sky and tree branches. Inside expected a dirty and damp, so the students specifically planted the mattress and the Mat. So that they do not get hurt on the protruding roots of the trees, the walls of the tomb were covered with plastic tape.

В Нидерландах студентов кладут в могилы, чтобы принять смерть

“Email us if you want to go to the grave” — written in the official invitation on the website of the University: leadership offers its students to register for the session, which lasts from an hour to three hours.

Grave is located in the University since 2009: it dug, local priest John Hacking, to “revive the old idea of the Memento Mori”. Since the hole was a temporary installation, buried her in 2011 and then in June 2018, dug up at the request of students. For the first three years, the pit was used at least 39 people, and for the first nine months of this year — 15. The next 30 wishing waiting for their turn. “Some achieve full calm. For others it’s a hectic experience,” said the Church Secretary ILSA Hubers.

Many students fall into the grave, to accept the death of friends or family members. “A couple of weeks ago we came up with the guy and for two hours lay in the grave, brooding over the death of a friend. Then we talked about it for about an hour. It was hard for him to think about this because a friend committed suicide,” said Hacking.

Paul Vink, a clinical psychologist studying the relationship of religion and death, agreed that using graves students can get rid of the fear of death: “Psychologists prove again and again that if people are left alone with their problems, instead of avoid it, the anxiety will decrease and eventually disappear.”

For those who did not dare to climb into the grave, the University organizes the “Café of death” — an event where students discuss the loss of loved ones for cake and hot chocolate.