In the Netherlands, the lying father and six children bezvylazno lived for 9 years in the basement of the farm, waiting for ‘the end of the world’ (PHOTOS)

Police in the Netherlands discovered on a remote farm man and six children, who for nine years lived in complete isolation from society in anticipation of “doomsday”. The family became known after the eldest son came to the village pub and asked for help.

The bar owner told the TV station RTV that the young man ordered and drank five Beers. He had long hair, dirty beard, he was dressed in old clothes, looked confused and spoke “like a child”. The visitor said that nine years did not go out, and on the farm where he came from, left his five brothers and sisters, and he doesn’t want to live so further.

According to the channel, the police searched the farm and found in a cupboard in the living room a staircase to the basement. There were bedridden men and children in the age from 16 till 25 years, not officially registered. The children’s mother supposedly died before the family moved to this village, and his father, according to media reports, suffered a brain hemorrhage. Family fed by the garden and livestock.

The police of the province of Drenthe announced the arrest of 58-year-old tenant of the house, he refuses to cooperate. The authorities stressed that this is not about the home owner and not the father of the family. The owners of the farm rocked by the news that, besides the tenant, there lived seven other people. According to them, they handed over the house for a few years to one tenant, and the others discovered at a farm in the know, reports AD.

Neighbors say they saw on the farm only one person (presumably, we are talking about the arrested tenant). It is almost for the whole day was off somewhere on an old machine and not have a close relationship with neighbors. One of the locals told me that the man was not allowed to come close to the farm and watched the scene around with binoculars. Around the farm were covered with surveillance cameras. It is noted that several years ago the house had already asked the police, but then the plot couldn’t get, writes De Telegraaf.