In the network appeared the final trailer of the film “Star wars: Skywalker. Sunrise”

A few hours ago, the Disney Studio has presented the final trailer for the ninth episode of the Saga “Star wars: Skywalker. Sunrise” (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker).

В сети появился финальный трейлер фильма «Звездные войны: Скайуокер. Восход»

The film, starring roles in which she played Billy Lourdes, Oscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Lupita nyongo, and many others, put the final point in the incredible story of the Skywalker family.

Director, screenwriter and film producer J. J. Abrams made the new episode a lot of surprises for all loyal fans of the Saga: for example, returned to the screens of the main villain of “Star wars” Emperor Palpatine.

Judging by the two-minute clip in the new film viewers have to watch the confrontation between Kyle Wren and ray, her meeting with Princess Leia Organo, and the last moments of the droid C-3PO. The trailer also appears Princess Leia played by Carrie Fisher, who passed away in 2016.

The ninth part of “Star wars” will be released on Russian screens on 19 December 2019. It is expected that after this film franchise will finally say goodbye to Skayuokera and move in a completely different direction. This means that in the next movie the audience will see and meet quite other villains and heroes.