In the network appeared the image of the six-wheeled Bugatti Chiron

В сети появились изображения шестиколесного Bugatti Chiron

Of course, currently in the automotive diversity is no such thing as a unique luxury product that is not in demand.

Any machine, whether it’s limited edition or even exclusive Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 6×6 would definitely be popular among wealthy clients who want to add novelty to your collection.

Only the factor of exclusivity would be enough to trigger the interest of many rich people, even if the car is not as good as normal variation. In fact certain disadvantages of installing 6×6 on the car are still present.

For starters, it is more weight, which for a hypercar like the Bugatti Chiron, is an important criterion. There will be additional maintenance costs, and lower fuel efficiency. Besides, the car will be longer and less nimble on the turns.

Regarding the benefits, then most likely, you can get a better grip, but considering that this is a hypercar, added a weighting factor, for sure, compensate for any advantage in grip that you could have, say, a simple Chiron Super Sport.

As for appearance, then Chiron SS 6×6 markedly longer than its 4-wheeled option. It is seen that the rear wheels are mounted a little closer to the cabin.

It’s a pretty interesting concept and would definitely like to see how 6-wheel Chiron would drive in real life. But some things are better left to the imagination.