In the Network appeared the photo archive Kris Jenner in a bikini

Just one look at this picture of Kris Jenner in a bikini more than 30 years ago proves where her daughters got their enviable forms under the swimsuit.

В Сети появилось архивное фото Крис Дженнер в бикини

As Kris Jenner was no longer young in age trends of social media as her daughter, they need to remind the world through photos of those times, how hot it was in your 20s and 30s, although she still smokes too much in my 63 years. Today, the 38 – year-old Kim Kardashian showed a picture of his mother in a bikini, taken in 1987, and her body in a swimsuit could compete with any of her daughters today. Kim must have been digging in the old photo album to find the photo which she posted in his Instagram, which depicts Chris by the pool in a bikini with a Zebra print, and her body is not devastatingly attractive.

At Chris flat belly, and after she at that time already had four children with her first husband, Robert Kardashian senior. She at the moment of photographing one arm in the air, and his face shows a wide bright smile with an open mouth. Her other arm hugging my best friend at the time, faye Resnick who is dressed in a long robe and with her shoulder-length curls of hair, fashionable in the 80-ies.

В Сети появилось архивное фото Крис Дженнер в бикини

“And who’s hot my mom after the birth of a brother! @krisjenner @fayeresnick,” Kim signed photo that she has published in his Instagram on October 9. Chris Rob Kardashian Jr. was born in March 1987, and he was her fourth child, it makes enviable body in a bikini mom-heroine even more impressive. However, when she was twenty years old, she already had four children, her body more easily restored to their previous forms. In the past Chris told me that she got pregnant with my first daughter, Courtney, who is now 40 years old, when she was 22 years old, and she spent the honeymoon with Rob. Senior Kim was born in 1980, Chloe in 1984 and Rob younger in 1987. So after four children, Chris still looked like a bomb in a bikini.