In the Network appeared the photo archive MARUV in torn tights

Already from his youth, the artist gravitated toward the outrageous.

В Сети появились архивное фото MARUV в драных колготах

Singer Anna Korsun, she’s outrageous MARUV already since his youth, was able to shock others.

About what the performer was in school, told her teachers and classmates in the program “Life of famous people”. So the Deputy Director on educational work Lyudmila remembers Podlesnik MARUV as the most active girl not only 11-B, but the whole issue of 2008 year.

The actress has always taken an active part in the extracurricular life of the school. But the math teacher in the school in Pavlograd recalls that even in mandatory Lyceum typical and not very attractive form, Anya attracted attention of classmates.

It seems enticing and eye-catching MARUV liked from school. Above all, she didn’t want to be like all, Anya wanted to stand out.

“With the clothes she had problems at school because she loved to wear pretty short skirts and lavish outfit, she often made remarks because of this. Often sent to change clothes,” recalled a classmate of the singer.

And only after classes on the school stage Anna could afford to dress as she pleases. For example, performance in the nightgown is still remembered in her home school.

В Сети появились архивное фото MARUV в драных колготах

The images that the future star of the outrageous was selected for the school competitions, amazed even then. And even after this the teachers were unaware that Anya is Popieluch (nee artist – approx.ed) in the end change, white school apron latex suit.

“What is this? I do not go naked. And even if naked, if it is beautiful, then why not. Let’s be honest: everyone loves beautiful female body, whatever it was there or not. Everyone loves to watch and enjoy, even women love. Therefore, hare to be a prude, take myself and do not need to be ashamed,” — in turn, assured the singer.