In the Network appeared the photo of Kim Kardashian without makeup

Paparazzi caught Kim Kardashian by surprise and take a picture of her outside the set. Published online photo allowed everyone to see a celebrity without makeup.

В Сети появилась фотография Ким Кардашьян без макияжа

You know, Kim Kardashian is for thousands of people the standard of beauty. The star always has perfect appearance without any flaws. Stylists working on the appearance of a socialite, making it natural, even with lots of makeup. However, being a participant in a reality show about their family, sometimes a star appears in the frame before putting on makeup, also she sometimes publishes in the personal microblog images without correction. As it turned out, even in these cases, the fans don’t see the real face of the idol, what they have seen, after seeing the Instagram diva made on the street during a walk.

In the frame of the Network users saw not a model, but an ordinary woman with problematic skin. Face Kim Kardashian had glitter from behind a greasy residue, in addition, the cheeks had a redness from the rash, but even the ordinary and unpresentable appearance, the celebrity has earned a lot of compliments.