In the network appeared the scandalous interview Jennifer Lopez 1998

There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez is a star of world scale. She’s a singer, actress, Director and a real businesswoman. However, even these celebrities have skeletons in the closet. Recently one editor came across an old interview with singer. In it she quite frankly made critical comments about their colleagues.

В сети появилось скандальное интервью Дженнифер Лопес 1998 года

Many are now actively discussing the statement of Lopez, which she announced back in 1998 in an interview with Movieline. Jennifer asked what she thinks about Cameron Diaz, the singer replied that Cameron is a lucky model, which gave many opportunities. She wanted Diaz to do more, because if it’s channeled correctly, it can do really high quality work.

And here is Gwyneth Paltrow such good reviews from Lopez did not deserve.

Tell me, what was she doing? I swear to God, I don’t remember anything about it. Some people consider attractive by Association. About her and brad pitt I heard much more than about her work,

― said the singer.

Even the famous singer Madonna, who at the time was fond of music and cinema, didn’t make Jennifer any positive emotions. According to Lopez, she was good only to sing.

Do I think it a great performer? Yes. Can I call her a great actress? No. Acting is what I do myself, so I are harder on people who claim to be able to play anything. I just want to say: “Hey, don’t spit on my craft!”

– admitted Lopez. And even that’s not all.

Jennifer admitted that he never really liked Winona Ryder, but Claire Danes believes she’s a good actress. Lopez also made the point in a famous rumor about Salma Hayek.

She’s a sex bomb, and the role it has appropriate. I can play completely different characters. I laugh when I hear that she says that she was offered to play Selena. This is an outright lie. If all her efforts to become famous, that’s her business,

― says Jennifer.

His sudden interview, Lopez did not comment. And that’s despite all the hype that it caused. But do not forget that all this was said back in 1998.