In the network appeared the student version of the “Harry Potter”

В сети появилась студенческая версия «Гарри Поттера»

“Harry Potter” has changed a bit: in the student version of the main character of the film looks different.

The social network appeared the video, which is a parody of the movie “Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone”. In the student version of the main character instead of a magic wand — sausage, and instead of a scar on his forehead — glued key of the computer keyboard. In addition, the footage shows that the other characters are also transformed. Their costumes complemented the scenery from household items and even products.

Netizens began to discuss this version of the film. For some, it was expected, but not much. Someone-on the contrary this video hit the spot. Some users joked that modernity Harry Potter is not exactly beneficial.