In the Network appeared video of attack on Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake no luck. He became another victim of the infamous prankster Vitaly Seduce. Recently, in France, when Justin came in with his lawful wife Jessica Biel watch one of the fashion shows as part of Paris fashion week, he was attacked Seduce, an event which many celebrities consider it absolutely not funny.

В Сети появилось видео нападения на Джастина Тимберлейка

Passing through the crowd that surrounded the 38-year-old Justin, Vitaly managed to deceive the guards Timberlake: Seduc “has dived” under them on the bottom and firmly grabbed the singer’s leg. He tried to released himself, but he failed. He was able to drag only appeared in time to help security. In the end, Justin was unharmed, but looked absolutely dumbfounded and scared. His wife Jessica was also concerned about this incident. Video of this incident has poyavilsa in the Network.

Note that the Timberlake became already far not the first victim to Seduce. so, in 2014, for the premiere of the first part of “Malificent”, he ran to the actor, grabbed him and hit him in the face. In the same year, at the Cannes film festival, Seduc has done other controversial room — climbing under the lush tulle skirt actress America Ferrera. in 2016, he got to model Gigi Hadid. Then Vitaly managed to catch the model and raise it into the air. To free herself from his embrace she could only hit the offender in the face with his elbow… Among other victims Seduce include such celebrities as Leonardo DiCaprio, Kim Kardashian, will Smith… the Most amazing thing about this story is that although the “Joker” every time is arrested, it does not make any conclusions.