In the network label laugh at a caricature of Putin

В сети смеются над меткой карикатурой на Путина

The first President of Russia Boris Yeltsin once said the following sentence: “Age policy of 65, and after that he’s going senile”. And rightly so. The current Russian President Putin is now 67 and the insanity is stronger.

On 29 October, the master of the Kremlin came to the opening of the monument policy Yevgeny Primakov, who installed it on Smolensk square in Moscow. So, during the ceremony Putin was surrounded by numerous guards.

Moreover, around the new monument was installed bulletproof glass from a height of 4 meters. All foreign media spread a photo as Putin lays flowers to the monument Primakov standing behind bulletproof glass. The author of the Russian Nadezhda, who expressed the opinion that the master of the Kremlin “progressive paranoia”.