In the network laugh at a viral video with an incendiary dance of parrot

В сети смеются над вирусным видео с зажигательным танцем попугая

The network exploded from funny video in which a parrot cockatoo dances to popular and lively melody. However, he pauses and listens to the music. The video was posted on the social network Twitter and has gained great popularity among users.

The bird in the video makes rhythmic movements, stretches its wings, and even nods to so music. Parrot alternates his movements and listens carefully to the sounds and rhythms of the music. At the end of his dance, he even tries to spin and slide on the table.

It should be noted that this is not the first bird who famously danced under the fiery rhythms of the music. Earlier biologists had already met with this phenomenon and proved that birds do not simply chaotic movement and listen and feel the rhythm and move to the beat, and their movements are meaningful and can be interleaved in a particular sequence.