In the network laugh at the caricature of Jim Carrey in Zelensky and trump

В сети смеются над карикатурой Джима Керри на Зеленского и Трампа

The famous American actor and comedian Jim Carrey was amused by the cartoon network to the recent telephone conversation of presidents of Ukraine and the USA Vladimir Zelensky and Donald trump.

On his personal Twitter page Kerry ironically beat the pressure of the American leader on the Ukrainian guarantor, which spoke after the publication of the transcript of their telephone conversation. Home “the mask” of Hollywood called trump the “father of fraud” and stated that he did Zelensky “offer you can’t refuse”.

In their caricature Kerry put a reference to the story of the legendary mafia story by Mario Puzo “the Godfather”, which reads: “someday, and that day may never come, I ask you to do me a favor. But until then, accept this gift in the form of military assistance on the day of my daughter’s wedding”.