In the network laugh at the man who came to the store with a horse

В сети смеются над мужчиной, пришедшим в магазин с конем

Today the doors of almost every shop and supermarket you can see the warning that Pets cannot access. But, not all visitors comply with this requirement and unabashedly violate the requirements of the shop.

For example, in the Internet appeared the video, as a resident of the Romanian city of Buzau decided to go shopping and brought with them not only money and a bag, but the horse…

The reasonable comments of the staff of the store that the pet is obviously too big for shopping together, the man confidently stated that it was his horse, and he will walk with him wherever I want to. Moreover, he was genuinely outraged by the fact that his “friend” trying to drive on the street. Given the epic nature of the situation, the employees of a market need to be grateful to the owner of the animal that he came not riding.

In fairness, it should be noted that the horse was acting very carefully and during the movement of the trading room nothing broken and not hooked, which could not to please sellers.

The only thing that marred the joy of the employees of the store from break-even visit the horse and its owner is manure, right between the left commodity racks.

Note that this is not the only case, when an animal visits the store despite the prohibitions. For example, in one of the shopping centers of Minsk was seen “unusual visitor”, which is literally “stuck” at the ATM: