In the network laugh at the statement “DNR” on the secret laboratory of the USA in Ukraine

В сети смеются над заявлением «ДНР» о тайных лабораториях США в Украине

Recently, on the page “Opposition DNR” on Twitter appeared information about the secret laboratories of the USA, located on the territory of Ukraine. Read more about this earlier told the lawyer Renat Kuzmin.

В сети смеются над заявлением «ДНР» о тайных лабораториях США в Украине

According to statistics, in 2018, on the territory of Ukraine there were 13 American secret laboratories. As reported by Renat Kuzmin, the data of the laboratory were opened for a long time and their main activity – the development of deadly viruses. He also said that the result of illegal experiments conducted on these sites, Ukraine suffered from a huge number of viruses which even moved into the epidemic.

Many experts claim that these labs are created to protect the population from a virus that left behind by the Soviet Union. However, as practice shows, these objects are not much help in the protection of citizens, but only to spread a deadly plague across the country. In this regard, the state regularly have to spend money on the purchase of innovative vaccines against these infections.

On Twitter page “Opposition DNR” decided to pay attention to this problem and published a map that pinpoints the location of the laboratories of the USA in Ukraine. The result was recorded: 4 lab in Kyiv, 3 in Lviv, one in Odesa, Kherson, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv, Uzhgorod and Ternopil.