In the new episode “Force majeure” made joking allusion to Megan Markle (video)


В новом эпизоде сериала «Форс-мажоры» сделали шутливый намек на Меган Маркл (видео)

In the new episode “Force majeure,” which for seven years he starred American actress Meghan Markle, who later became the wife of a British Prince Harry, made joking allusion to the current status of the Duchess of Sussex.

Before the wedding with the Prince Megan finished his career in show business and left made her famous TV series. The writers sent her character Rachel Zane along with her husband Mike Ross (played by actor Patrick J. Adams) in another town, where they allegedly founded his own law offices. Expected soon at all to roll the project, but on 30 January 2018, the series was renewed for a eighth season, without the participation of Megan and Patrick. And January 24, 2019 “suits” renewed for a ninth season of 10 episodes, which will be the last.

В новом эпизоде сериала «Форс-мажоры» сделали шутливый намек на Меган Маркл (видео)A scene from “Force majeure”

In the series shown in the US last night, again appears briefly Patrick J. Adams. The question of how his “wife” he said “If I tell you how well, you probably wouldn’t believe me!”. Fans were delighted with this replica. “Still, after she married Prince charming!”, — they wrote in the comments.

On the official page of “Force majeure” on Twitter posted this video of the scene with a winking smiley face and the caption: “was that Rachel REALLY good.”

Fans were hoping that the Duchess herself would agree to appear in the final episodes of “Force majeure” at least for a few minutes. They say she was offered a huge fee, but Megan refused, not wanting to test the patience of Queen Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, things have Megan work out, probably not as good as she would like. According to a recent survey conducted by YouGov, which deals with market research and data analysis, the popularity of Megan in the UK is falling. She took only the sixth place in the list of most favorite people in the Royal family. Her positive attitude 49% of Britons. Last year similar rating Megan scored 55%. At the same time Kate Middleton at this time got the fourth place with 64%.

First place was taken by Queen Elizabeth II. Followed by Prince Harry and Prince William. At the same time last year Harry was in the lead in the same list, ahead crowned grandmother. So he, too, surrendered their positions from 77 to 71%.

The fifth place of the rating took the husband of the Queen 98-year-old Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Heir to the throne Prince Charles was in the seventh position.

Recently, I wrote “FACTS”, Harry and Megan sparked outrage environmentalists that went to Ibiza aboard a private plane.

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