In the new film Meriem Uzerli became emaciated brunette

The name Meriem Userli strongly associated in public with the Turkish series “Magnificent century”. Recently the actress surprised fans standing before them in a new, completely different manner.

В новом фильме Мерьем Узерли превратилась в изможденную брюнетку

37-year-old Meriem Uzerli — the main star of the hugely successful Turkish series “Magnificent century”. In it a woman played the role of concubine roxelana, who, in the course of Palace intrigues could become the wife of the Sultan and was named Hürrem.

Eastern series suddenly made earlier, an unknown actress is the main favorite of the world.

Despite the fact that the latest season of “Magnificent century” came out already five years ago, the public still associates Meriem image from the series and hopes to see her in other similar projects.

But she Uzerli always eager to try something new! So, a few days in Turkey will host the premiere of the new film with her participation which is called “Beehive”.

Action-Packed the film will tell the story of a woman named Ayshe (played Meriem — approx., who works in the apiary, to overcome my insane fear of bees.

The naked eye can see how much has changed star. For the role of the heroine, experiencing serious psychological problems, Uzerli had not only dyed his hair in not the best for her dark color, but also significantly to lose weight.

В новом фильме Мерьем Узерли превратилась в изможденную брюнетку

Fans worried for Meriem, and expressed hope that more it do not have so much to intentionally damage the appearance for filmography. However, most likely the most Uzerli such metamorphoses only joy: yet beauty modification is an important part of any successful actor.