In the North-Eastern States has imposed a quarantine for visitors from the southern United States

A two-week mandatory quarantine for all people arriving in new York, new Jersey and Connecticut of the eight States where there has been a resurgence of infected COVID-19, writes “Voice of America”.

В северо-восточных штатах ввели карантин для приезжающих с юга США

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The governors of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut on Wednesday introduced a mandatory 14-day quarantine for visitors from eight other States where there is now a resurgence of infected COVID-19.

The Governor of new Jersey Phil Murphy said that new austerity measures — is “a reasonable step” in light of the fact that in the United States recorded the second highest surge in infections with the coronavirus since the beginning of March.

A White house spokesman Judd Deere said that President Donald trump, who has just returned from Arizona and is going to visit this weekend in new Jersey, does not fall under the quarantine, since “is not a civilian.” Deere said that all the people working in the vicinity of the President, including White house staff, guests and the press are regularly checked for COVID-19 with consistently negative results.

14-day quarantine applies to visitors from the southern States: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and West of Arizona and Utah.

According to the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo, violators of the order, which comes into force from midnight, faces a fine of $ 1,000 for the first violation and $ 5,000 for the second violation.

At that time, as in large American cities, the outbreak of coronavirus was suppressed in may, testing shows that the virus has moved to agricultural areas and other areas that were not infected earlier.

A pandemic could also break out in the United States, which opened before others in an effort to reduce the devastating impact of the bans on the local economy.

Wednesday, June 24, three States reported a record increase in the number of infections: Florida, Oklahoma and South Carolina. Earlier this week, record highs of infections was recorded in California, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Texas and Wyoming.

On Tuesday, June 23, throughout the country, was identified almost 36,000 cases of infection – the highest level since April 24, when the test result identified 36 of 426 cases.

According to the revised model, published on Wednesday, 24 June, it is projected that the number of deaths in the United States by October 1 will reach approximately 180,000 people, which is 22 000 less compared to the last forecast made by researchers from the University of Washington.




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