In the Office of the President intend to create a state Agency of sports, headed by Shovkovskiy

В Офисе президента намерены создать Госагентство спорта во главе с Шовковским

Olexandr Shovkovskyi

The Ministry of culture, youth and sports of Ukraine may again be divided into two departments, as it was until August of 2019, according to

While the current head of the Ministry Vladimir Borodyansky plan to pick up the sport.

Thus in Office of President Vladimir Zelensky plan to divide the Ministry of culture and the Ministry of youth and sports.

Now the process is suspended because of the Olympic games-2020 in Tokyo. In OFP I think that the process of division may prevent the preparation of athletes for the Olympic games.

There is a possibility that you will create a sports Agency under the control of the Ministry of culture. The current Minister of culture, youth and sports of Ukraine Borodyanka will no longer be related to sports issues.

As a candidate for the head of the state Agency considering the ex-goalkeeper of “Dynamo” and national team of Ukraine 45-year-old Oleksandr Shovkovskiy, who is currently part of the coaching staff of Andriy Shevchenko.